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Securing your property

Whether you are spending the holidays at home or away, protecting your property is a priority. PSE have a few holiday safety tips that will help you avoid becoming vulnerable to theft and burglary, and let you enjoy your holiday with peace of mind.
1.     Close and lock all windows, including those upstairs, and reduce the chance of easy entry by ensuring tree limbs aren’t providing access to second storey windows.
2.     Ensure all your external doors are fitted and locked with high quality locks.
3.     Have a friend or neighbour move your car occasionally if it is parked in the driveway.
4.     Don’t leave public messages on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or any other social media site letting people know that you will be away.
5.     Make sure that all mail, newspapers and deliveries are stopped or picked up by a neighbour, friend or relative.
6.     Tell your neighbours that you will be away. Let them know your holiday plans so they can be extra alert to suspicious activity about your house.
7.     Update your alarm system. Let your alarm company know that you’ll be away, and if you haven’t already done so, provide them your mobile phone number or a phone number where you can be contacted. Give the alarm company the phone number of anyone checking up on your residence. If the alarm is tripped, the company will be speaking to you or your friend, rather than the burglar in the house when he picks up the phone.
8.     Inspect motion detectors. Make sure that motion detectors cannot be set off by billowing curtains or pets.
9.     Give your property a lived-in look. Mow your lawn just before you leave for a long trip so that it looks recently cared for. Use automatic light timers to fool people into that you’re home.

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Securing your business

Professional Security Engineering has been securing NSW jails for over 14 years. Why isn’t your business secured by us too?

Our commitment to innovative and current electronic security systems is what keeps us on top of our game, and keeps our customers businesses safe and secure. During the past 14 years PSE have built a solid reputation for being extremely competent, reliable, efficient and always professional. Contact us today for a confidential analysis of your current security system, and to see how PSE can improve the safety and security of your business.

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A little about us …

Professional Security Engineering (PSE)

is a specialist electronic security systems provider and integrator that is a team of experienced security systems professionals. We have a combined experience of over 40 years with a proven track record in high-end government and commercial sectors.

Whether it be ongoing preventative maintenance, 24 hour breakdown response, system evaluation and upgrade proposal custom designed to your specific needs, PSE has the solution for you.

We have aligned ourselves with leading manufacturers and suppliers of electronic security systems equipment and therefore combined with our knowledge and experience, can offer you the very best of service only the professionals can truly offer.

We are also committed to building team culture where our core values of integrity, responsibility, leadership, commitment, teamwork and communication are an integral part of all that we do, both personally and professionally.

Our Mission Statement: With professionalism, integrity, innovation, commitment to service and ongoing training, we consistently enable our customer’s effortless protection of their people and possessions through excellence in security technology.

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Do you already have a security system but not really sure what you have, or don’t seem to have any information about it? Contact PSE and we will come out and carry out a full and thorough inspection of your system and provide you with a report of its current functionality, life expectancy, system limitations, upgrade and integration options, schematic drawings, ITP’s (Inspection and test plans), user reports of who has access to where, manuals and even training.