PSE – Maintaining and Servicing Your Security System

With PSE regularly maintaining and servicing  your security system, you will never have to worry about it breaking down. Never wait for something to break because by then it could be too late. Get PSE to maintain your system! Regular preventive maintenance of security systems is widely overlooked and quite often the only time you know something is not working is when you have a critical incident. By then it’s too late! We are the preventive maintenance experts and we have been doing it for Corrective Services NSW for over 15 years. Our comprehensive maintenance routines can assist in minimising the running costs and maximise the ROI (Return on Investment) of your systems.

It simply is not good enough to look at a monitor and see a camera image that looks ‘OK’ and tick it off. PSE carry out full video signal analysis of all our customers CCTV systems. We know the video level, colourburst and sync readings at all of the various video transmission points from camera to monitor. We know if there is degradation of the signal over time and we are able to predict failures and deal with them before our customer is looking at a black screen right in the middle of a critical incident. PSE stay informed and up to date across the industries hardware and software vendors so we know when our customer’s software needs to be upgraded to remain supportable. We know when our customer’s hardware is no longer available or repairable because the manufacturer can’t get parts or doesn’t make that model anymore. PSE’s customers are not backed into a corner and forced into a major, unexpected and expensive upgrade because no one bothered to tell them their system components are approaching ‘end of life’.

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Do you already have a security system but not really sure what you have, or don’t seem to have any information about it? Contact PSE and we will come out and carry out a full and thorough inspection of your system and provide you with a report of its current functionality, life expectancy, system limitations, upgrade and integration options, schematic drawings, ITP’s (Inspection and test plans), user reports of who has access to where, manuals and even training.