PSE – Security System Management

Managing your security system in-house can be a very expensive and time consuming exercise and not to mention quite often a conflict of interest of who is giving access to who and when, who is looking at CCTV footage when they shouldn’t be etc. PSE uses industry leading practises and systems and is able to remotely provide all of these services to your organisation so that you and your staff do not need to worry or be suspicious about who is doing something they shouldn’t with the security systems. We can quickly add and delete card users to your access control, add/delete/edit PIN numbers for your alarm keypads and review and burn CCTV footage for evidential purposes. Of course, included is remote monitoring of your alarm systems so that in the event of an alarm, the right people are contacted immediately as well as the appropriate patrol dispatched to investigate.

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Do you already have a security system but not really sure what you have, or don’t seem to have any information about it? Contact PSE and we will come out and carry out a full and thorough inspection of your system and provide you with a report of its current functionality, life expectancy, system limitations, upgrade and integration options, schematic drawings, ITP’s (Inspection and test plans), user reports of who has access to where, manuals and even training.